The Peppertree Grounds and Gardens.

Enjoy all that is Marlborough without leaving the the property!

Around the Lodge Gardens


The ten acres of grounds surrounding The Peppertree Luxury Eco Lodge provide ample opportunity for Heidi and Werner to enjoy the agricultural pursuits that Marlborough is known for. Driving through the gate you pass the vineyard whose wine you’ll be invited to enjoy at your arrival reception. You’ll also sample the oil from The Peppertree’s own olive grove and, when in season, pick and enjoy fresh Marlborough fruit from their very own orchard. See below to learn more.

The Peppertree’s Vineyard

Wine bottleVineyard

Our small luxury Marlborough hotel has its own boutique vineyard, located directly in front of the historic homestead. It is home to 328 Chardonnay vines planted on two different rootstocks. This variety, often referred to as the ‘darling’ of wine drinkers, is well suited to the soil conditions prevalent near the property.

The first harvest was in April 2001 with 700kg of grapes (500 litre juice) resulting. Harvest is to Heidi and Werner a social time in the true tradition of Old World winemaking. Friends assist in the hand picking – a day that begins early and ends with a feast and the very first taste of the vintage from the year before. If any guests are interested to take part, they are welcome to be involved in the excitement!

For Heidi and Werner, the boutique vineyard is one of their passions and, as a winemaker, Werner brings the best of his European influences and combines this with the groundbreaking new world winemaking techniques best seen in places like Marlborough. Guests are afforded the luxury of sampling and extolling the virtues of wine with a passionate winemaker who is involved in every step of the process.

The Peppertree’s Olive Grove

Olive oilOlives

Wine and food are undeniable companions. Today in Marlborough, the olive and its oil products are increasingly joining wine as an attraction to our region.

We freely admit that the idea of an olive grove was purely a romantic notion. A touch of Greece, Italy and Spain came to our Marlborough luxury hotel when its fledgling olive grove was planted in October 2001.

The Peppertree’s first olive harvest was in 2004, Heidi and Werner Pluss extract their own olive oil as well as using the olives for pickling and tapenade. Using the above varieties is expected to create a light peppery tasting oil – ideal to be served to guests relaxing under the shade of the trees from whence it came!

The Peppertree’s Orchard

ApplesPicking cherries

Stroll around the orchard and enjoy picking your own apples, cherries, apricots, peaches, plums, feijoas, pears, kiwifruit, figs, oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, lemons, raspberries or boysenberries, depending on the season.

Breakfast awaits you with homemade marmalade, jam & compote made from the orchard.